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Departing from the desire to inspire the creative industry in the world of fashion, the couple Faye and Ben Gunawan built the Istana Mote in Indonesia. Istana Mote is the official distributor in Indonesia for Mote MGB (Matsuno Glass Beads) from Japan and Swarovski Original from Austria.



One of Faye and Ben's goals for presenting Istana Mote is to meet the demand for knick-knacks for creative actors in the fashion industry in Indonesia. Istana Mote provides original MGB motes made in Japan cutting hexagons and creating a beautiful and elegant look on clothes. Made of quality material, and uniformly cut, the MGB Mote's color and luster last much longer than similar motes when applied to clothing or accessories. Made of premium material, this MGB mote can last a long time on clothing or accessories without changing color or shape. Mote Palace also provides Swarovski crystals which are quality products from Austria. Various types of Swarovski, such as round stones and pendants, can be chosen to make jewelry, accessories, or fashion accessories.


Istana Mote also has a collection of sequins to complement the needs of fashion lovers. Understanding the importance of innovation and creativity in the world of fashion, Istana Mote only partners with the best mote suppliers in the world. There are more than 3000 types of MGB Japanese pearls in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, which are able to create an elegant look for wedding dresses, party dresses, Indonesian kebaya, to local garments ready for export. Apart from motes and Swarovski, Istana Mote also provides equipment such as Japanese imitation pearls, threads, needles, and organizers. Having outlets in Kemayoran, Tanah Abang Jakarta, as well as in Kuta Bali, Istana Mote has distributed its products to more than 100 stores.


Working with ISTANA MOTE


In its journey, the Mote Palace has become the trust of a number of famous designers such as Sebastian Gunawan, Biyan, Anne Avantie, Ivan Gunawan, Oscar Lawalata, and Dian Pelangi. It doesn't stop there, Istana Mote also wants to inspire the younger generation to continue working in the fashion sector by holding a Crafting Class. Class participants can gain a variety of new knowledge and skills in embedding motes, Swarovski, and other knick-knacks for clothing and fashion accessories.


Contact Istana Mote now for product information, Crafting Class, as well as events and business. Visit the Istana Mote outlet or shop online at:

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