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Swarovski Crystal Sequins and Beads

Istana Mote is the official distributor of original imported Swarovski crystals from Austria with the best quality. We sell Swarovski stone sequins in various shapes, such as round stones and pendants, that can be used as stone sequins for modern kebaya clothes, Muslim clothing, wedding dresses, and women's jewelry such as mote bracelets, necklaces, and Swarovski brooches. Swarovski Indonesia is one of the most popular jewelry brands in Indonesia. As an exclusive and luxurious jewelry brand, Swarovski is very helpful for those of you who want to look charming with outfits that are also supportive.


Swarovski crystal beads are chosen by designers such as Anne Avantie and tailors in decorating clothes with the latest crystal patterns because they give the impression of luxury and elegance. There are 3 models of Swarovski crystal beads at Istana Mote, namely the hotfix foiled flatback, which is pasted using a special glue, and the Sew-On Foiled & Stellux brocade, sewn to your clothes. The process of installing Swarovski stone sequins must be carried out by a professional tailor so that the results are good when applied to your kebaya or wedding dress.

The use of Swarovski crystal sequins is quite easy because all you have to do is stick them to your clothes, and we don't only sell Swarovski crystal sequins online on the Istana Mote website. For those of you who want to buy stone sequins for kebaya in retail or wholesale, you can also go directly to our store, the Swarovski distributor in Jakarta, which is in Kemayoran, Tanah Abang in the city of Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. We sell the latest imported original Swarovski models that have a stunning sparkle with Swarovski hotfix, Sew-On, and Stellux sequins. Some other mote products are MGB sequins, JP Pearl, Shell Crystals, and IM Crystal.

Get immediate original Swarovski crystal women's fashion accessories at cheap wholesale prices only at Istana Mote outlets. For more detailed information on the Swarovski crystal bead color chart, please check out the Swarovski Indonesia catalog here. Or if you want to consult about the specifics and prices of the complete Swarovski Jakarta crystal pearl sequins, please contact us here.

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