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We offer Sequin Matsuno Glass Beads

Istana Mote is the official distributor in Indonesia for Mote MGB (Matsuno Glass Beads). We provide the original MGB motes made in Japan with hexagon cutting that creates a beautiful and elegant look on clothes. This Japanese pearl sequin is made of quality material, and this Japanese pearl mote has a color and shine that lasts much longer than similar motes when applied to clothing such as kebaya clothes, wedding dresses, or as fashion accessories (necklaces, bracelets, pendants). 

The installation of the MGB Japanese pearl sequins is also quite easy because it is enough to sew them into your wedding dress, or hijab and become a brocade on your kebaya, but it should be done by a professional tailor to make it look better and ensure the sequins are neatly arranged. Our MGB sequins are the latest models with various colors and types such as 2Cut/Bamboo, Round/Sand, Bugle, Drop/Teardrop, Spiral, and Peanut, so you won't be outdated and look shiny on your clothes. 

Japanese Authentic Pearl Sequins

Made from premium materials, the price of MGB sequins is also relatively cheaper when compared to the stunning finish because they can last a long time on clothes or accessories without any changes in color or shape. Japanese pearl sequins were chosen even though the price is more expensive than sequins from Taiwan because they have superior quality, and Japanese pearl sequins when exposed to light will shine and look shiny when viewed from close or far distances. In addition to selling MGB (Matsuno Glass Beads), we also sell Swarovski Crystals, JP Pearls, Shell Crystals, IM Crystals, Swarovski Necklaces, and Swarovski Bracelets

You simply select one of the products above and add it to the basket. For more detailed information on the MGB Japanese pearl sequin color chart, please check the catalog here. If you find it unsatisfactory, you can visit our stores in the Jakarta area, namely Kemayoran and Tanah Abang, and our sequin shop in Bali. Only at Mote Palace can you find MGB beads in retail and wholesale at such low prices!

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