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Preciosa® Crystals

Preciosa Crystal Sequins

Istana Mote is the official distributor in Indonesia for various types of sequins to be attached to the highest quality kebaya or modern wedding dresses. One of our products is Preciosa® crystal, which is made from the best material to create a beautiful and elegant appearance on clothes.


Premium Crystals at the Lowest Price 

Made from premium materials, Preciosa® crystals have a fairly affordable price to be used as fashion accessories. The use of these crystals is also quite easy because they can be attached to a kebaya or wedding dress. Besides Preciosa® crystal, we also sell other sequin products, namely MGB, Swarovski, JP Pearl, Shell Crystal, and IM. To meet your fashion accessory needs, we provide Swarovski bracelets, Swarovski necklaces, Swarovski brooches, and other necessities. Preciosa® crystals are only available at Mote Palace, where they can be purchased online or in person. For more information, click here

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